First Class Catering and Ian’s Ices has attended many Outside Events/Shows and have gained a wealth of experience in all types of catering including various food types including the ever popular Burger and Chips, Curries, Hog Roast, Ice Cream, Donuts and Alcoholic beverages.

We can attend any Event or Show in the UK and provide you with Food Trailer/Vans and Ice Cream Vans to meet all your catering needs, we source only the best quality food as we believe that as people pay a bit extra at events they should receive some value for money. We have seen time and time again the use of low quality food to gain the extra profit margin but in our opinion the difference is not worth it. Our food has customers coming back time and again, we believe it is time to be different and escape the image of low grade food that is being sold at Premium prices at Events around the country.